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Expert Tree Service in Western North Carolina

Caring for your trees is important, and the experts at ALL PRO Tree & Crane are here to maintain your trees and property. We provide a number of services for residential and commercial areas throughout Western North Carolina.
all sizes of tree removal

All Sizes of Tree Removal

Dead or damaged trees are not only a danger but can be a liability in residential areas. Having the experience and proper equipment ensures homeowners ALL PRO Tree & Crane can handle any size project in a safe and professional manner.
tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Trees are like any other plants. Proper and regular pruning keeps trees healthy and manageable, which prevents overcrowding that can sometimes be dangerous, causing interference with structures and power lines.
stump grinding

Stump Grinding

More often than not, stump removal is a costly and messy job. With our stump-grinding technique, the stump can be ground below the surface without digging up the surrounding area.
land clearing

Land Clearing

Overcrowding is a common problem. When trees are overcrowded, they do not thrive well and become more susceptible to disease or death. Reclaiming the land can be beneficial to the surrounding trees as well as the homeowners.