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How Can You Tell If a Tree Is Dead?


How do you spot a dead tree without cutting open its trunk to look? Learn what you can do to diagnose a dead tree so you know when to have it removed.

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3 Pruning Pitfalls and Ways You Can Avoid Them


Pruning plays a critical role in the proper growth and development of most tree species. Homeowners often think that pruning is simply a matter of cutting away unwanted branches, but this approach to tree maintenance could be detrimental to the beauty and strength of your trees as they mature.

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A Guide to Dealing With Trees and Power Lines


Trees and power lines do not mix. Since the hazards presented by trees growing into or near power lines can affect you, your family, and your neighbors, it's important to be well informed. Read on to discover just why trees and power lines do not mix, as well as actions you can take to keep your trees from becoming a hazard.

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